I did two things religiously when I was younger. The first was to make sure I woke up early enough on Saturday mornings to catch the 6am cartoon line up for that day.

The second was that I always, and I mean always, had a pencil and paper handy.

My mother always encouraged my creativity and made sure she brought back reams of paper for me to spill my talent onto. My illustration was fueled by my vivid imagination. Ideas and concepts always started in my head as a story and to this day still do.

Fast forward to Bill Gates’s magical personal computer where I found Paint and my digital art began. I didn't have a computer myself and so I would go to the local computer store in Jamaica and make drawings in Paint on the display machines. That fusion of technology and art grew into something greater when, in college, I ditched Paint for Photoshop and voilà! Over a decade later I still get as excited about art as when I used to wake up for Saturday morning cartoons at 6am!